Trust Establishment

Could a Trust protect your assets?

Trusts are a management structure utilised for asset and estate planning and protection. Trusts are widely used, but often not that well understood, nor particularly well managed. In order to avoid problems, a Trust needs to be tailored to your situation. And while not a legal requirement, it is our opinion that to provide the maximum benefit and protection, the Trust will need independent, professional management and investment strategies.

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the following questions, then a Trust may be worth discussing with us: 

  • Have you accumulated significant wealth that you’d like to protect?
  • Are you in a relationship where you have a blended family?
  • Are you in a second marriage and have children from a first marriage?
  • Are you expecting an inheritance shortly?
  • Do you wish to protect and keep separate any personal assets from business assets?
  • Do you wish to protect your children’s inheritance from those who you don’t intend to benefit?
  • Do you have any children or grandchildren who have a disability?
  • Do you have any children or grandchildren who currently have or have had a problem with the following: their relationship, finances, drugs, alcohol or mental health?

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