We can help you achieve peace of mind and confidence whether you’re buying or selling a property, subdividing, building, leasing or have a ‘leaky home’ problem.

Getting legal advice today can save you time and money down the track, dealing with problems you didn’t see coming.


Relationship property law has the potential to have an impact not only on your relationship, but also on your business. When a relationship breaks down, so too does the trust that exists between the two parties and it is rarely possible to shield the day-to-day business activities from the effects.

Trust, Wills &


We can help you to ensure successive generations in your family benefit from your “hard yards” and in so doing avoid some of the pitfalls in this area. Working in conjunction with our experienced governance and succession team, your planning and forethought will help avoid conflict and ensure a smooth transition for everyone concerned.


When you’re running a business the last thing you need is legal issues hampering your growth.
Talk to us for sound advice and assistance with strategic planning, risk assessment, compliance, health and safety, employment,securities, financing and acquisitions.

Agri Business

We at Mackenzie Elvin, through heritage, are close to the land, and understand the agribusiness sector.  The owners and operators of farms and orchards need almost more legal understanding than most other business operators, and the vertically integrated nature of the sector needs specialist understanding.

Governance and Succession

Attending to the legal issues around Wills and Trusts is not always enough. Small to medium, (and often large) businesses, particularly farming families, need expertise in governance and succession.

With experience in company directorship and as seasoned experts in dealing with succession and exit issues, Mackenzie Elvin should be a first point of call for assistance in these specialised areas.

Dispute Resolution

We offer services in the areas of High Court, District Court and Family Court civil and family litigation (including family protection, relationship property and trust matters) and broker specialist barristerial services where these may be required.